Serbian Journal of Agricultural Sciences
since 1953 

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Volume 68, Issue 1-2

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Publishing period: Twice a year

Curent Categorization:
M51 - National Journal

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Founded by the 
University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Agriculture


The new issue (Vol.68 Iss. 1-2) published by Sciendo (former DeGruyter), is  available at web site of publisher and on this web site. For all  papers is provided DOI® number and  CrossReff® processing. Journal is Open Access, like so far.

We invite you to submit papers for the next issue, Vol. 68 Iss. 3-4, it will be published in December 2019 year. All information about preparing and submitting papers you can found on the page "For authors" of this site.

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Novi Sad,  August 2019.

Branka Ljevnaić-Mašić, PhD,  associated professor