For Authors

Instruction for authors

The journal “Contemporary Agriculture” publishes Original Scientific Papers, Review Papers, Short Communications and Case Reports. Review paper must have a minim 10 auto-citations.
A paper is written in English. It should comprise a short summary in Serbian (for non resident, it will be done by editorial). The whole script of the paper, including tables, graphs, schemes, drawings and photographs, can have maximum 6 typed pages, Portrait, in single spacing. Margins: Top 2.5cm, Left 2.5 cm, Bottom 2.5 cm, Right 2.5 cm. For typing  the paper  the Times New Roman font, 10 pt ,  should be used. Justify  with the  indent of the first line  0.6 cm. ( Portrait  - Paragraph – Indents and Spacing – Special – First  Line 0.6. No pagination.

Detail Instruction for authors you can download here.

For writing a manuscripts, you can use a manuscript template that is already well prepared at according to the instructions. The manuscript template can be downloaded here.

The Author Agreement Form  after acceptance for publish, we will sent to you. It should be signed by corresponding (or senior) author who can vouch for all co-authors. A scanned copy of the form should be sent by email to editorial.