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M51 - The leading national Journal

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CONTEMPORARY Agriculture [Elektronski izvor] / 
editor Ivan Radović. 
- Elektronski časopis. - Vol. 64, no. 1/2 (2015)- . 
- Novi Sad : Faculty of Agricultural, 2015
-Način pristupa (URL): 
- Polugodišnje. - Nasl. sa nasl. ekrana. 
- Opis izvora dana 22. 07. 2016. 
- Je nastavak: Savremena poljoprivreda 
(Novi Sad. 1959) = ISSN 0350-1205
ISSN 2466-4774 = Contemporary Agriculture (Online)
COBISS.SR-ID 224982028 

Founded by the 
University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Agriculture

Announcement - January 2017

The new issue (Vol.65 Iss. 3-4) published by DeGruyter, is  available at web site of publisher  and on this web site. For all  papers is provided DOI® number and  CrossReff® processing. Journal is Open Access, like so far.

We invite you to submit papers for the next issue, Vol. 66 Iss. 1-2, it will be published in June 2017. The  papers  submitted before 30.03.2017. (deadline for submitting) will be processed and after the decision of acceptance  published in first issue for this year. All information about preparing and submitting papers you can found on the page "For authors" of this site.

 Call for peer review registration
We invite all previous authors and reviewers, as well as those who wish to join us and to contribute in improving the quality of publication. Please  fill form  at link below. 

Thank you for considering this journal as a venue for your work.

Novi Sad,  January 2017.

Ivan Radović, PhD,  associated professor