About Journal 

The Journal of “Contemporary Agriculture” has been published on the regular basis since 1953. During the period from 1953 to 1959, it was published under the name of “Agriculture of Vojvodina”. 

Aims and Scope

''Contemporary Agriculture'', the Official Journal of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Novi Sad,  publishes scientific papers (original scientific papers and reviews) from all the fields of agriculture (Field and Vegetable Crops, Animal Science, Fruit-growing and Viticulture, Plant Protection, Horticulture, Landscape Architecture, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Engineering, Water Management), as well as from the fields of technology of plant and animal product processing. 

The main objective of the Journal is to inform the scientific community on contemporary achievements of the science of agriculture, both in the country and abroad.  
The Journal has been issued twice a year, with two volumes annually containing two issues each. Papers are published in English, accompanied with an abstracts in Serbian. The papers are peer-reviewed by scientists both from Serbia and abroad. 

Editorial board

Editor in chief
Nedeljko Tica, MSc, PhD, Professor, Dean of Faculty

Ivan Radović, MSc, PhD, Associated Professor

Section editors

Vesna Rodić, MSc, PhD, Full Professor - Agricultural Economics Sciences
Dejana M. Džigurski, PhD, Associate Professor - Field and Vegetable Crops Sciences
Branka B. Ljevnaić – Mašić, PhD, Associate professor - Field and Vegetable Crops Sciences
Aleksandar Potkonjak, DVM, MSc, PhD, Associate Professor - Veterinary Medicine Sciences 
Ivan B. Stančić, DVM, MSc, PhD, Associate Professor - Veterinary Medicine Sciences
Jelena Čukanović, Msc, PhD, Assistant professor, Horticulture
Dejan Beuković, Msc, PhD, Assistant professor,  Animal science
Aleksandra Petrović, Msc, PhD, Assistant professor,  Plant protection

Journal secretary

Helena Šifler-Zekić

Lectors for English

Bojana Komaromi, University of Novi Sad Faculty of Agriculture, Serbia
Aleksandar Jagrović, University of Novi Sad Faculty of Agriculture, Serbia

Editorial Council

Editorial Council
Ljiljana Nešić, MSc, PhD, Professor
Nada Plavša, MSc, PhD, Professor
Branko Ćupina,  
MSc, PhD, Professor

Scientific board

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